Benefits of using the Preferred Supplier Arrangement for QLD DETPSA-100543

Value for money

  • The arrangement has been established to ensure you get value for money.
  • Factors that have been considered include:
  • asbestos management requirements
  • whole-of-life and transaction costs
  • fitness for purpose
  • quality
  • service and support
  • contribution to the advancement of government priorities

Save time and resources

  • A range of products/services are included on the PSA that don’t require any further quoting activities. You do not need to get three quotes when purchasing off a PSA as the quotation process has already been done for you.

Peace of mind

  • When you use the arrangement, the GITC contract terms and conditions protect you. If items are purchased outside the PSA, the contract is between you and the supplier and an individual GITC Contract must be prepared and executed.
  • DET has defined strict requirements of the highest standard under the PSA around installation, training and support Products and services meet your needs The arrangement has been developed in consultation with end-users to get a clear picture of the features and benefits users are wanting from IWB products/services. The PSA has been entered into with suppliers best able to fulfill those needs.

Performance monitoring

  • Key performance indicators are in place to measure suppliers’ performance under the arrangement. Market research is carried out to assess whether the products and services delivered by the PSA continue to meet your needs and that the suppliers are providing the required level of service. Your feedback is an essential part of this process.