Promethean Warranty

  • Promethean ActivCare Plus Warranty

    Promethean has introduced a new ActivCare Plus warranty option that applies to products purchased on or after March 1, 2011. Promethean ActivCare Plus offers an upgraded 5 year onsite support assist warranty as well as an advance replacement on selected products.  ActivCare Plus is available for registered Promethean products that are installed by an accredited Promethean installer. Promethean products supplied by Empowered Learning have the full ActivCare Plus warranty provisions, providing your organisation piece of mind that your investment will be productive well into the future.

    Promethean Customer Support (1800 403 441) is the point of contact for ActivCare Plus onsite support or advance replacement warranty. As Empowered Learning and Promethean are committed to providing a high quality level of diagnostics as part of our service and support. Prior to contacting Promethean Customer Support, there are a number of items that can be checked that may assist in the diagnosis of the problem, or may even rectify the issues that are being experienced and save you a call.

    promethean activcare warranty

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